Securing fasteners and mechanical connections

Literally means to lock, to secure against loosening, to tighten a nut.

Nowadays there are many different securing techniques and it depends on the application what suits you best. There are adhesive, dry, sealing, conductive and clamping locking techniques. Locking techniques can be applied to nuts, bolts, washers and other workpieces. Some examples mentioned below:

Deform: squeeze a nut so that it deforms and clamps on the thread.

Adhesives: Loctite during installation.

Pre-coat: applying a form of Loctite in production is more efficient and prevents mess during assembly.

Spring washer: fit a spring washer between nut and bolt.

Toothing: place a toothing under the head of a bolt / nut.

Nylon: Put a nylon washer in a nut or spray a patch or a bolt.

Nord-lock washers and bolts.

loctite borgingstechniek

Only a few examples of securing techniques are described above, we would be happy to help you find a suitable solution for your securing issue.