To begin with, we have a passion for technology. We would like to know how best to make ‘what you have asked for’. Our expertise lies in technology. This expertise has been built up by more than 35 years of experience in the development and production of parts for the Dutch manufacturing industry. These parts are better known as B-Parts and C-Parts. The parts are made with various production techniques such as turning, milling, punching, forging, casting, pressing, bending and upsetting. You will therefore receive independent advice on this, we are not bound by specific techniques or brands.

We work for clients ranging from multi-national to clients in the medium-sized company and from Automotive to High-tech. All different industries with different products, requirements and wishes. To be able to work for this requires specific knowledge that we have already built up. We are happy to share these experiences with you and we look together with you at the design and the requirements that go with it. The following aspects are important to discuss with you:

The design, production method, production technique, material, heat treatments, surface treatment and securing techniques.

Idee schets overleg tekening productie

techniek ontwikkelen serie productie draaideel
Sorteren eind controle 50 ppm zero defects 10 ppm 25 ppm optical sorting c parts

The parts with which we have experience can be produced using different methods and techniques. After which it can be further refined, processed or treated. This provides almost limitless possibilities and requires specific knowledge of different techniques and processes.

We would like to discuss this with you.

Under the menu products you will find more information per technique.