Delivery time

Delivery times are often entered in ERP packages as a static data. When circumstances arise in the market that cause delivery times to change, they are insufficiently anticipated. Delivery times are not communicated and not adjusted, which can cause problems for your production.

Due to the current economic conditions, there is a greater need for flexibility in delivery times. Products are needed before you have access to them. This is one of our strengths. We like to go off the beaten track. Your supplier clings to his own production technique or to the producer where the goods are ordered, so that little can be changed.

We like to look a step further. Can an alternative product be used to shorten the delivery time? Can an alternative technique be used to shorten the delivery time? Can another manufacturer be used to shorten the delivery time? Just like Henri Ford who introduced the assembly line, thereby shortening the turnaround time and reducing the cost of a car from $ 850 to $ 300.

We have now only specified the production side, but there are so many more possibilities to shorten delivery times. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

lopende band innovatie techniek tijdsreductie besparing creatief

Snelheid logistiek andere kijk sneller out of the box besparen

The parts with which we have experience can be produced using different methods and techniques. After which it can be further refined, processed or treated. This provides almost limitless possibilities and requires specific knowledge of different techniques and processes.

We would like to discuss this with you.

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