Better Price

In the end it’s all about the price!

No correct price = No sales!

There are various ways to get the right price. In order to achieve the right result together with you, you can expect the following from us. We work brand-independent, we are not bound to production techniques or to specific areas or countries.

You will therefore receive independent advice from us.

Often only the price is considered. What’s the price? If we take as a starting point that the purchaser is responsible for purchasing the products at the optimal conditions. Then it can be stated that: the purchase price, the total cost of ownership or the total costs that are incurred until the products are in stock and ready to be used. It is important to include the hidden costs, the costs that are under the tip of the iceberg. This part sometimes covers up to 80% of the purchase price.

We can certainly offer you a price advantage by bundling purchases, offering volume advantage, combining transports, arranging long-term contracts, reclaiming and chasing contracts, moving stock, and reducing administrative burdens.

kosten reduceren besparen tco total cost of ownership meer verdienen winst profit
Deal is deal afspraak is afspraak contract afgesloten

By structuring our organization LEAN, looking closely at processes and continuing to look, we continue to innovate and we are sure that we can offer you a price advantage.

Our organization is open to new developments, other models that benefit you and us. We would be happy to discuss this with you.